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Sudeep as Ranga (SSLC) scores yet again when his good performance in Swathimuthu. Director Yogaraj Bhat deserves approval. He had received rave reviews for his debut film Mani that delineate the helplessness of a prostitute. it’s the story of Ranga, associate degree automobile driver, World Health Organization fails to pass SSLC even when perennial efforts. woven into this can be the enmity between Bomb Naga (Rangayana Raghu) and Ranga.

Director: Yograj Bhat
Writer: Soori 
Stars: Sudeep, Ramya, Umashree

Directorial bit combined with Sudeep acting in scenes like his mother’s death, romantic scenes with Ramya and also the climax wherever Ranga blames God is good.Ramya, of Abhi and Excuse Maine fame, will an honest job and holds up to Sudeep in terms of acting.

It’s stunning to visualize Bank Janardhan, well-known for his comic roles, do a heavy role as heroine’s father. each Rangayana Raghu and Maina had best as villains. Sudeep’s dialogue delivery and Soori’s dialogue go hand in hand. Sandeep Chowta’s music and S Krishna’s picture taking is effective. Sudeep’s song is well picturised.

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