Rowdy Ashique Full Movie HD Quality Download In MP4

Rowdy Ashique Full Movie HD Quality Download In MP4,  Rowdy Ashique The film opens in an exceedingly street in Hyderabad in an exceedingly night with Krishna (Vishnu Manchu) saving Sirisha (Shanvi Srivastava) from some eve teasers and related to her to the hostel she stays. within the journey, they each return to grasp that they hail from Rayalaseema region of province. once Sirisha asks Krishna concerning the small print of his father, the scene shifts to the native place of Krishna wherever his father, a don lovingly known as as Pakistani monetary unit (Mohan Babu) and as Annagaru with respect arduous a coach named Sankar Rao for harassing his pregnant woman for gift on the grievance of the woman’s father avatar Rao.

Rowdy Ashique Full Movie Download

Rowdy Ashique Full Movie Download

Pakistani monetary unit may be a sexagenarian man UN agency continuously cares the welfare of the individuals of Rayalaseema and that they too revere him capable god. Pakistani monetary unit may be a terribly powerful and authoritative don UN agency additionally controls the political opinions of that region. His friend Ananda Rao (Paruchuri Gopala Krishna), a ruling party politician, is his shut friend and he and also the party extends their full support to Pakistani monetary unit to prevent the Nandavaram project whose happening would destroy thirty four villages fully. On the opposite hand, a bunch of authoritative individuals operating underneath a mysterious man attempt to create the project to earn crores. The cluster consists of KR, Vedantham Murthy aka Vedam (Tanikella Bharani), Hindu deity (Jeeva) and Seshagiri UN agency is keen on cakes.

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Krishna visits his home once Pakistani monetary unit kills his opponent Guruva Reddy (Banerjee) and appoints the dead man’s henchmen as his henchmen by promising alittle high regular payment. Then the family of Pakistani monetary unit is introduced. Pakistani monetary unit is survived by his married person Lakshmi (Jayasudha), elder son Bhushan (Kishore) and Krishna. Bhushan is married and encompasses a child however he ne’er beloved them and hates them to the core. Rowdy Ashique Full Movie HD Quality Download,  not like Pakistani monetary unit and his duteous and devoted brother Krishna, Bhushan may be a spoil brat typically terrorizing folks within the name of Pakistani monetary unit making worry in their hearts. once a young woman’s brother warns Bhushan, Bhushan involves their home and kidnaps the lady and conducts a regulatory offence on her in his farm house.

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